TRF Code of Conduct

TRF Code of Conduct

Please follow our Code of Conduct whilst riding on the trails.  A responsible attitude is essential.

USE ONLY VEHICULAR RIGHTS OF WAY  – Trail riding is only lawful on public roads. If in doubt, check with the Highway Authority or the TRF. Motorcycles and riders must be fully road-legal. Green lanes are subject to the same laws as surfaced roads. 

KEEP TO THE DEFINED WAY ACROSS FARMLAND  – Wheels can damage crops and grass. Wandering from the road onto farmland or moorland is trespassing. 

GIVE WAY TO WALKERS, HORSES AND CYCLISTS  – As a courtesy, on narrow lanes, stop and switch off engines. 

FASTEN GATES TO SAFEGUARD STOCK  – Except those tied open for farming purposes. An open gate invites animals to stray, endangering themselves, and crops or traffic. 

TRAVEL AT A SAFE SPEED – Ride at a reasonable speed, taking regard of conditions and visibility. This should not exceed the voluntary maximum of 25mph. 

RIDE QUIETLY  – Machines must be effectively silenced. Use the throttle with discretion, as noise does offend. Green lanes are subject to the same laws as surfaced roads. 

HONOUR THE COUNTRY CODE – Respect the countryside and those who live, work and play in it. Green lanes can be valuable habitats, so take special care in spring and early summer. 

ACKNOWLEDGE THE PRESENCE OF OTHER GREEN LANE USERS  – With a friendly wave or other suitable gesture 

IDENTIFY YOURSELF – Carry your membership card with you when trail riding, so that you may identify yourself as a current member of the TRF – and display a current membership sticker.