Jim Breden R.I.P.

We are sad to announce the death of our founder, Jim Breden, at the age of 84. Jim owned what is now Little Venice for many years, and with the help of boaters at the boatyard the Hampstead and Yalding Cruising Club was formed, with Jim as President.

Jim Breden

He took a great interest in the Club and let us have the use of the field and land by his marina, which for many years was the venue for all members every summer weekend.

It was only when Jim sold to Andrew some years ago that we were unceremoniously thrown off our land and it was only thanks to the intervention of Roger Frankland Haile that we could continue to have a base for our activities.

Jim went to Australia with his partner Mavis after retiring but returned to live near his family in East Peckham a few years back as his health deteriorated.   Mavis is still in Australia.

He was a real supporter of everything we did and many people will remember him with great affection.  He is regarded as one of the last of the old style marina owners.

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