HYCC 2016 Annual General Meeting Minutes

The meeting was held on Saturday 20th February 2016, at 3pm in The Fairleighs, WI Hall, East Fairleigh.

Mo Clayton President
Mark Smurthwaite Commodore
Bob Tuthill Newsletter, Website, and Cruise Master, etc
Jim Clarke Committee Member
Jack Guntrip Vice Commodore
Karin Harman Club & Membership Secretary (acting)
Alan Harman Rear Commodore (acting)


Gavin Aldis Brian Ashdown
Carol Ashdown Steve Berry
Venessa Berry Mark Coppins
Tracy Coppins Bob Harvey
Margret Harvey Lorraine Packham
Dick Stevens Marge Stevens
Ian Wilson  
Mo welcomed everyone to the meeting, and opened the meeting with the minutes of last year's minutes 2015. Previous minutes of meeting held 7th February 2015/Matters Arising - None, minutes accepted. Election of Commodore- Nominated Mark Smurthwaite, passed unanimously.

The Commodore then took over the Meeting.

Election of Flag Officers and Committee Members:
Vice Commodore   Nominated   Jack Guntrip
Rear Commodore   Nominated   Alan Harman
Secretary   Nominated   Karin Harman
Assistant Secretary   Nominated   Emma Smurthwaite
Committee Members   Nominated   Bob Tuthill, Jim Clarke

Also asked if anyone else was interested in standing on the Committee.

Presentations (Awards and Trophies)
Jim Clarke - Duck award for taking the club lawn mower for a swim and for efforts towards the continued support and work of the Club.

Jack Pearson - Best Single Handed Navigation and Boat Handling, for his work at Rogers Regatta on board Cala Longa (aka, Can of Lager).

Tracy (GOBBY) Coppins - Best Published Hair Do award, for her Hair style as published on facebook. Thanks to her brother for posting and allowing us all to enjoy.

Ian Wilson - Most Supportive and responsive HYCC Member.

Bob Tuthill - for all the hard work he puts into the club - mayors cruise, web site, and Newsletter, etc. His support and enthusiasm never reduces and we all thank him for all his work.

Commodore's report on 2015-2016: a year in the life of HYCC
We have had a brilliant year, and I have to start by thanking everyone in the HYCC for all their support, not only at the events but throughout the year and in everything the club does.

Especially to the committee who have worked tirelessly with me to make the HYCC a club to be respected and this is well represented by the membership and comments we get from other clubs and individuals and members, etc.

Last year has seen a revised interest in the HYCC and membership now stands at:
8 Honourees, 11 Life Members and we now have 41 Boating Members. We also have 7 new members due to join in April.

That will take us to 48, Boating and 67 in Total. This represents an increase of 70% (boating) - I think you will all agree this is a brilliant result. The interest we now have is so encouraging and affirms all the hard work over the last 12 or more months.

The Bank balance stands at £934.18. Assuming that we have all members pay that will be an income of c £1,440 (expected). With the land charges to pay £1,135, that leaves the bank looking fairly healthy.

We did have some expenses this year that we have not had for some considerable time - Club stickers, food for Christmas get together.

We bought new officers flags as the others were tired.

The Secretary showed the rear commodores flag (displaying 2 red balls then said the Rear Commodore has 2 balls, Where the commodore, has none).

We also bought 200 club pens to promote the club and Lorraine and Karin made club key rings that were given out at the Christmas doo to much appreciation. Some were also handed out to Members who were not there. They have designed a T shirt that we propose to sell for £10 each - they can also customise T shirts, sweat shirts etc, with your boat name on request.

All Events were extremely well supported last year. It was so encouraging to see so much interest in our events - and so encouraging to see the land used by so many boats now the land is much more useable again. Our biggest event of the year is the Court of Survey Cruise and I am hoping that it will be even better this year. Initial interest would suggest this to be the case, we have even invited Helen Grant MP and have provisional acceptance, Last year when we got to the Hawkwood Stone we were met by 2 Decorated Boats from Rochester Cruising Club, who later joined us at the club Marquee back at Wateringbury.

We have a few events planned this year (more details to follow soon). Event sheets have been emailed to you but there are copies on the tables for you to take away and full details will be on the Web site shortly.

Jack Guntrip proposed that his Band may be able to play at certain points on the Mayors Cruise this year. This was very well received and we thank them for the offer.

And again thank you to everyone for your continued support and attendance.

Any questions or comments - all are most welcome.

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